Célia Moutawahid


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Célia Moutawahid is a stylist based in Paris. She started in 2014 as an assistant at Vogue Hommes and then she assisted several stylists during a few years where she learned how to handle and work on big projects. She started her own career in 2020. As a stylist and an artist who grew up with mixed heritage, she’s deeply passionate about travels and costumes -she aims to develop a silhouette by them. It’s also very important to her to celebrate cultural diversity and inclusivity, embodying and embracing all the female bodies. Her work has been published in Revue Magazine, Document Journal, Hot Hot Hot, Dazed Beauty, Vogue Ukraine, Primary Paper… While working for commercials clients such as Hermes, Chanel, Dinh Van, Boucheron, Le Printemps, Estée Lauder Group, La Samaritaine… as well as emergent designers and brands. 

Rose, Paris